The Club

Oving Dog Training Group was founded in January 2004 by Veronica Migliorini with the aim of providing pet Owners with a facility to train their dogs to be well behaved and become well socialised members of society; doing so in such a fashion as to allow them to progress to competitive dog sports should they so wish.


To help club members socialise and train their dogs and assist in achieving a high standard of responsible dog ownership.

To provide advice on dog management and behavioural problems

To provide advice on all training disciplines

To provide a Demonstration team for local events

To encourage members to progress through the Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog scheme

Telephone: 01243 789273

Email: enquiries@ovingdogs.org.uk


Our aim is for dog training to be fun, interesting and stimulating for both handler and dog; however even though our rules are kept to a minimum, those that are necessary for the smooth running of the group and overall benefit of all our members can be found in the “Rules and Regulations”, copy on request .