Term Dates

Term Dates for 2018 are as follows:

Classes are held Mondays and Tuesdays. Summer Classes on Tuesdays

No classes Bank Holidays.

Summer Classes:   July 17th, 24th,31st –August 7th,14th,21st 7.00pm at Oving Recreation Ground, Highfield Lane. All classes £.00

Fees: One time £2:00 Registration fee, then:-

Puppy Classes: £31:00 per 12 week term and other

Classes £37:00 per term


Our aim is for dog training to be fun, interesting and stimulating for both handler and dog; however even though our rules are kept to a minimum. Those that are necessary for the smooth running of the group and overall benefit of all our members can be found in the “Rules and Regulations”, copy on request .

Puppies can start at any time during a term, other dogs at trainers discretion

Telephone: 01243 789273

Email: enquiries@ovingdogs.org.uk

Christmas Party 2018 Tuesday December 4th at 7pm

Winter Term: 8/9th January until 26/27th March

Easter Term: 9/10th April until 25/26th June

Autumn Term: 10/11th September until 26/27th November